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Ensuring Student Success

Oxford University Press offers instructors and students a comprehensive ancillary package for qualified adopters of By the People.

Companion Web Site »

For instructors, this site includes the teaching tools described below, available for immediate download.  Contact your local OUP sales representative for access.

For students, the companion website includes a number of study tools, including learning objectives, key-concept summaries, quizzes and essay questions, Web activities, and Web links.

Visit the book’s companion website at

Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Bank »

The Instructor’s Resource Manual includes chapter objectives, a detailed chapter outline, lecture suggestions and activities, discussion questions, video resources, and Web resources. Available on the Instructor’s Resource CD or as a download from the Web at

The Test Item File includes over 1,400 test items, including multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions. Questions are identified as factual, conceptual, or applied, and correct answers are keyed to the text pages where the concepts are presented.

Computerized Test Bank

Using the test authoring and management tool Diploma, the computerized test bank that accompanies this text is designed for both novice and advanced users.

Diplomaenables instructors to create and edit questions, create randomized quizzes and tests with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool, publish quizzes and tests to online courses, and print quizzes and tests for paper-based assessments. Available on the Instructor’s Resource CD.

PowerPoint-Based Slides

Each chapter’s slide deck includes a succinct chapter outline and incorporates relevant chapter graphics. Available on the Instructor’s Resource CD or as a download from the Web.

Instructor Resource CD

This resource puts all of your teaching tools in one place. This CD includes the Instructor’s Resource Manual with Tests, the Computerized Test Bank, the PowerPoint-based slides, and the graphics from the text.

Now Playing: Learning American Government Through Film

Video Guide that suggests YouTube videos and motion pictures that an instructor could incorporate into their course, pertaining to the relevant chapter material.

For each video, a brief summarization of the content and 3-5 discussion questions will be provided.

CNN Video Guide

15 timely film clips on topics in American Government, each approximately 10 minutes in length.For each clip, a description of 1-3 paragraphs will be provided, which connects the film content to the book; 3-5 multiple choice questions and 2-3 discussion/essay questions will follow.


Available through CourseSmart

Course Cartridges

- Classmate/D2L- Blackboard/WebCT

To order the Instructor’s Resource CD or course cartridges, please contact your Oxford University Press sales representative at 800-280-0280.

Packaging Options

Adopters of By the People can package ANY Oxford University Press book with the text for a 20 percent savings off the total package price.

 See our many trade and scholarly offerings at, then contact your local OUP sales representative to request a package ISBN.

Very Short Introduction Series: These very brief texts offer succinct introductions to a variety of topics.