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    Table of Contents

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  • Chapter 1

    The Spirit of American Politics

  • Chapter 2

    The Ideas That Shape America

  • Chapter 9

    The Media

  • Chapter 14

    The Presidency

Book Features
By the Numbers » A set of fun facts in each chapter help frame the quizzical reality of American politics and government.

Comparing Nations » This chapter feature discusses how other nations operate their courts, legislatures, media, or elections and helps students understand what is vital and distinctive about the United States. This feature also engages non-native students, who make up a rising proportion of our student population.

See For Yourself » Mobile links using QR (Quick Response) codes supplement the reading by connecting students to selected historical and contemporary audio and video content.

What Do you Think? » These critical thinking activities reflect our belief that students will have the last word in the ongoing debate. We ask you to take a stand on important issues found in each chapter.

The Bottom Line » A brief recap concludes each chapter section, underscoring the most important aspects of the discussion.